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Why Accept Credit Cards?

  • 66% of all face to face transactions are made with credit or debit cards.
  • 175 million people in America carry at least one credit card.
  • Customers typically spend about 20% more when paying with credit or debit cards.
  • Save time and hassle not having to make trips to the bank to deposit checks.

Our Credit Card Processing Solution


Ideal for face to face transactions and storefront locations.

Go Mobile with a free card reader. Text and email receipts.

Accept payment directly through your QuickBooks software.

Accept payments anywhere your business takes you.

Take payments through your web store or virtual terminal.

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How To Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

First, it starts by reviewing all your fees on your credit card statement.  A lot of times this is the first place where you can see that you are getting overcharged for useless credit card fees.  There's no need to be paying for fees that you shouldn't be getting, right?

Second, the average cost for a retail business to swipe cards in their store is roughly 1.95% - 2.25%.  And for the average cost for cardd-not-present businesses, such as online websites and shops, is roughly between 2.30% - 2.50%.  Business owners who make the decision to switch to UR Shop Spot for their credit card processor will save on average 30% on all your credit card fees.  

How can we save your business that much money you ask?  We offer the lowest rates you will ever seen because we can offer them at a very low discounted price at all times not just for a quick holiday discounted promotion like you see other companies.  Our rates are guaranteed to be the lowest, year around.

Going with a merchant services credit card processing provider, UR Shop Spot, you will save the most money on all your merchant services and credit card processing fees.